Surecheck Memory Jogger bad construction, not worth the money

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Purchased a Surecheck Memory Jogger for the Garmin 430.Received it today and found the cheap wire binding completely crushed and pages falling out.

I can repair it, but they should really go with something more sturdy. However, I won't be repairing it because the content is unusable. Its written in a paragraph style with many typos (ie "buton"?), inaccuracies, wrong menus. Their website says it's made of "Exclusive Durasynâ„¢ synthetic polymer...

waterproof, tear-proof, non-glare finish", but it's really just laminated paper, which has already started to fray around the edges.

If it hand't come crushed, and didnt contain so many errors, I'd be happy. Normally I like the Surecheck stuff, but this was way off. My biggest concern is accuracy.

This makes me question the accuracy of their other products.No idea who the editor is, but this book seems to be connected to "ZD Publishing".

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